Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

This game is quite buggy, for the third time the character suddenly disappeared. Also, I could not leave a room for once. I have restarted the game 6 times, but still not working properly. I really want to finish the game, but not with these bugs. Hope you will fix these. I really like the neat pixelart tho.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

Thanks for letting me know! I'm really sorry about all the bugs. I'm planning on releasing an update later today that fixes most everything,

There's a lot of bugs. For example, the 'tab' cheat which someone mentioned previously. Also, sometimes my items don't work. The thing bothering me the most is the fact that my character randomly froze when I pressed 'space', and now I have to probably restart.

What a twist! That was unexpected. A real fun game! Thanks

I found some bug. If you press "TAB" to select item and then press space you can use it even though you does not have it.

and for the ending it make me so surprise. :)

the game were not too easy and not too hard.

I REALLY DIDN'T EXPECT THAT. i thought that the guy on the bathroom is the convict. hahaha lol. nice game i really like it honestly. so excited for the sequel.