Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

Nice little game :)

What if I told you...I actually saw that one coming.
Nice game man...I'm not sure about the bugs the people been talking about though...

The game is not bad. I liked the ending. I beat the game and get all of the achievements but the one for Darnell. I freed him, so what went wrong?

I do like the appeal of this game. Happy Pico Day! What I didn't like is that there has to be a glitch. It won't let me go into the rest of the party room without getting a drink, but I got one! It even shows up right there on the top of the screen! I remember games like this.

The music was really good. None of the lockers have anything in them except the green one that's locked. Figures. While not that well detailed, it still worked fine for what it had. I was able to at least look at most of the available rooms.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

You have to drink the drink by clicking on it...

First time, and I got knocked out... I knew I shouldn't have gotten a drink when the lady said it was 'to die for.'

Great point-and-click! I'm sure, as soon as some of the bugs are squashed, this thing's gonna get a larger score.