Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

The game is ok but it doesn't have the ache of the original Pico school.
I mist the action.

Great graphics, smooth animation, and a good plot. I give a 4.5 stars.
The reason I don't know how to unlock the door, I know the code though.

Great game, but can someone please tell me how to turn the lock? I've got the code, but don't know how to input it. Help?

Muted game after the first song, eww! But, other than that, it took a bit of thought and some doing, and the locker part should be made a bit more obvious because where you found it was just stupid, and the locker turning took some figuring out as well, but it was fun and the ending made me laugh.

The graphics are absolutely phantastic! By any chance, do you mind if I trace the sprites by taking screenshots? The proportions of the characters to the environment, and their animations, GORGEOUS.