Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

It was a good well made point & click but the ending ultimately makes no real sense and feels like a forced tacked on twist.

Fun game, but i can't open the lock, how i am supposed to do?

It's a fun, straightforward game with a pretty fair level of difficulty. The artwork is simple, but the writing quite good. There's a lot to love!

Unfortunately, the game is also WILDLY frustrating based on some glitchy mechanics. (SPOILERS!!) The locker combination, even after finding the correct combo, is not tremendously intuitive as there is no clicking noise to discern. My combination was also BACKWARDS, meaning I had to spin the dial in the opposing direction. Worse yet, the lock overlay did NOT disappear after I failed to execute the combination, leaving Pico wandering through the hallways in the shade with the lock image overlaying everything. This was brutal.

To make matters worse, talking to the girl after supplying the splint did not initially trigger the automated end sequence. I went to talk to Darnell as the text alludes, but he becomes a non-clickable entity. Only by watching the walkthrough did I see that there was SUPPOSED to be a triggered sequence, so I went back, talked to her again (for no reason) and Voila!

This could be an excellent short game, need to clean up these couple of hopefully fixable bugs.

That game was a bit confusing and the ending does not really make sense with the game

.For some reason, the twist was very obvious in my opinion However, that doesn't mean that it wasn't enjoyable. The locker combination was very interesting, and I had so much fun trying to find out the code (for the past 20 mins). Kudos to you sir.