Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

Good game, but i have found a bug, if i use the tie at first i can't use the wood.

I could only get to where he needed a drink. I grabbed one, and as I went to talk to people, it said:
'I think I need to grab a drink before I talk to anyone'.

"I don't think they want anybody snooping around after work."
Said he, as he opened every single locker of the hallway...

Oh God, that was excellent. Great graphics and atmosphere (The Last Door, anyone?) with a very good scenario. Absolutely loved it.

Good celebration of the original game. The game respect the original while having a more "grown up" feel to it, wich fit the reunion theme perfectly. The Earthworm Jim like ending didn't fit. I hope you have a sequel in mind that support this letdown.

I think there is a glitch somewhere. First time I played, I skipped all the "getting roofied and waking up on a chair" part. I think that it is because I visited all the rooms and got everything I could before going to the reunion room. When I went there, everyone was already gone and the vent from the restroom ceiling was already on the floor like if I had escaped.