Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

great game but didn't get to beat it. The game glitched when I tried to walk back and forth between the first two rooms in the front of the building to fast because I accidentally pressed space to much.

The only thing I had a truly difficult time with was the combination, and after I found the video on youtube I had to facepalm. Of course it was in the desk.

Great nostalgic value, and I didn't see the twist coming. I hope you continue this, I'd really love to see where this leads.

Also, while I usually don't like the 'faceless' character idea, it worked pretty well here. The original pico faces were pretty much blank eyes with eyebrows and smidge mouth/noses, which works well on a child character but looks strange on an adult character, so I think you managed to make it work here. Job well done.

My only complaint is there being absolutely NOTHING in any locker(other then Darnell). I bothered to open ever single one, for nothing. Ah well.

Loved the twist (And the Shyamalan Award!)

But seriously, I dunno how the heck your supposed to figure out the lock combo without the walkthrough. That was insane.

Hope theres a part 2! Great work!

mtvgen: Try to pull down the lock (down key).

Liked it, and "What A Twist!", but this is only the half(?) of the game, so only 4 stars...

y que vivan por siempre las aventuras gráficas! (i said!)