Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

I'd love to give more stars but i cant even enter the school why is that?!If you can offer any advice or helpful info please let me know :)


Minor glitches like no clipping off the screen or dialog that gets stuck on your screen, but other than that it's a pretty neat short game.
Tip: Give Nene the board BEFORE giving her the tie when fixing her leg. Usually glitches the game if you give her the tie before the board, which does not allow you to progress until you refresh.

The locker does not work.

I really enjoyed it. Pico went off screen and I had to restart (all I had to do was give Nene the tie ;-;), but other than that there were no other problems. I saw the ending coming because I had to go to the comments for help. Thanks for sharing this game, it's fantastic.