Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

Very Cool,love these kind of games plus the grafics are great,all that kinda stuff. i just can"t find out anything about the locker Darell is stuck in. i got the UV light with the photo,but i don"t get it! i got

<15 >5 <20
but how do i like unlock it?
i already watched the walkthrpugh but what buttons do i press?

A few nitpicks:

1. Point-n-click games should use the mouse. Using the spacebar for everything is counter-intuitive. I mean, at least tell me that it's a point-n-click-n-spacebar game so I don't have to waste minutes figuring that out.
2. A fire poker is a heavy chunk of metal. You should be able to break glass with it (and so open locked doors if they have a window), knock people out with it (so instead of giving the actor a lighter, I could have just taken his tie), and possibly use it to pry open locks (circumventing two or three other puzzles).
3. I have trouble believing that Pico, even as an adult, would be so domesticated and law-abiding. That's just depressing.
4. Pico games are usually funny. They don't have to be, but it feels kind of weird when they aren't.

With all that said, the graphics were great and the music was generally classy and appropriate.

Really cool game, hard to beat but eventually played through it. Oh and a tip for people who are a bit stuck with the UV light, if you have the picture (in the desk in the first classroom), try and use them together :)

can't wait for the next part!

Pretty fun little game! Wasn't too hard, but it did had me looking around a couple of times.
I'm looking forward to the next part.

Nene shouted at Pico!

XD lol

I Couldn't Break The Lock...