Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

why would you even bother with the spacebar when you already have a cursor? it's hard to position pico right to target certain objects, and i know im not the only one who was stuck outside for a frustrating amount of time before realizing that clicking only works on your inventory. I had already checked the desks in the first classroom twice before deciding i was stuck and having to read the comments, and even then i spent at least 2 minutes straight going in and out of the room and walking in circles around the desk before i could get it to react. after that, when i used the blacklight on the photo, i couldnt get it to go away and was stuck looking at the combination for an infuriating number of clicks. later, darnell was incredibly unresponsive as well. my pc isnt lagging and nothing else is messing up so im pretty sure you have some issues to iron out here...
The music is nice, the graphics are fine, and overall it's a decent game most of the way through, but it really doesn't have much of the pico we know and love besides the poster in the janitors closet (im assuming that was a girl vomiting) and the setting being the same. it's too much like a lot of point and clicks that ive seen with these same pixel graphics (whats that one the door or something), just with less detail. Also why does the story have to take such a huge jump as soon as i save both my friends? you could have at least added one more clue that led to the urinal instead of just jumping straight to the interrogation chamber plus like the entire ending made no sense because why would you drug yourself and then save your friends and pay actors to be there if you'd already captured pico yo like cmon what even is this shit this makes 0 sense

For everything those who think that the locking is annoying...put you instead of Pico...if ever you turned right, imagine to which sense would go the wheel...just saying...

WOW WTF? then why did he find himself in that place at first? and all those things to do? WTH

The lock is super annoying the arrows should be the other way

<15 >5 <20 then press the down button