Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"


Actually, this would be a nice game, but THE FUCKING LOCK ruined it a bit...

Didn't see it coming .

what a twist indeed! got every metal

The plot twist at the end really made me give you 5 stars. Such a great game. I love everything in it :)

LOL - didn't see that twist coming!!

The lengths the bad guys will go to flush out the good guys!! Should've known - Pico would have taken another drink 2nd time around... would have given it to the last actor so he could swipe his tie...

The style reminds me a little bit of early Space Quest. Without the typing. And with a mouse based inventory.

Big gripe is the inconsistent level of interactivity. All the lockers can be interacted with, but only one of them serves any purpose; the rest simply open/close. Only one of the desks can be interacted with - and you really need to open it - but it takes ages to realise this because NONE of the other desks can be interacted with in any way... really all the desks should open (because all the lockers can be opened!) You can interact with the cubicles and urinals, but not the wash basins? Don't shake Convict's hand (and you thought it was because he was a cold-blooded killer)!!!

Also the map is incorrect when you first arrive - it shows you in the first room, when you are really standing outside - a little confusing until you go inside and realise the map was wrong.

I too had Pico disappear when walking back down the corridor (next corridor loaded, Pico distinctly missing - time to reload the page and try again). Couldn't reproduce it - so not really a bug, more of a gremlin.

The UV torch really should have changed the mouse cursor to a purple light - to let you look around each room... would have given you an opportunity to have hidden grafitti, etc. And if a person spends too long in a room with the UV torch on, you can always give them a message like "you're not really finding anything in this room with the torch are you?" Ooo - UV torch on Tom's picture... the possibilities!!!

LIked the poster for Darnell and the picture of an old fart. The game needed a few more bits like this (interactive elements that add "something" but serve no purpose to the game itself).