Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

Okay, overall this was a simple and entertaining puzzle.

The one item that made completely _no_ sense was the location of the hidden combination. There's absolutely no reason to think of using that particular item in that particular place (if you tried opening it and finding it's jammed shut, it might make sense).

The controls are clunky, and to proceed requires a particular sequence that isn't always obvious. But the ending was top-notch.

Took awhile but that was awesome!

Kinda predictable at the end, but still a bit challenging and entertaining. Nice work

Solid, but too easy so far. When I play a point n' click I want to tear my hair out.

Interesting game. I got all medals in the game but didn't get a single medal on newgrounds. I also read other people that have same problem.
Game was not hard didn't need a guide, nothing ridiculous difficult.
Even getting all medals was easy they were not secret just part of the story.
You need to fix medals.