Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

That ending though!!! :)

A very short and nice puzzle game in a very pixelated, overused style (but I saw you used similar style before, so let's let is slip). I am not sure if it's a parody or not. There was nothing really funny in this, no jokes that made me smile, but at the same time, there was no immersion - characters had stupid comments about whatever was happening. Is it because I am not fond of the whole Pico thing?

It had it's flaws, the padlock puzzle was unintuitive (where the 15 is? Should I press left on keyboard, or move the wheel to the left? No sound when twisting the lock. The location of the photo was enigmatic with no hints given, I figured it out by completely randomly using an item), as well as the location of some of the pieces needed to solve some puzzles. It was very hard to distinguish some of the objects from the background, but since there was so few elements on the screen, it wasn't a problem.

The most obnoxious thing was the usage of objects and skipping text after missing with it. The same command that skipped the text, activated any object that the character was focused on, for example, using flashlight near characters made Pico talk with them (after closing the comment about not needing a flashlight). This was very irritation after a while and was the only real flaw that almost kept me from playing the game.

"Secret" about the padlock to whoever can't open it (spoiler I guess): learn to read. After selecting the numbers, press down on the keyboard. As simple as this, it's written on the photo.

I liked the game, controls were a bit clunky, for example when you click to use or inspect an item you get the item dialogue AND the dialogue for the other object so you spam space bar twoce and almost get stuck trying to get out of that. and... was that The Silver Skull? ! I still enjoyed it, combination locker worked well for me. I liked running down memory lane almost expected to find the pot in the locker XD

lock puzzel doesn't work. The code giving ingame (left 10, right 5, left 25) is crap. The code used in the walkthrough (right 5, left 20, right 15) only works in the video, not in the game itself.

I need help. HOW DO I DO THE LOCKER COMBNATION still a good game doe