Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

Uh... I can't do anything. Pico gets out of the car, then is stuck in a walking animation in the left corner.

Wow, the first few seconds already impressed me.. But some parts were kinda.. not impressing, otherwise great work.

i reached the end and... great. now i have a goddamn m. night shamalamadamadingdongdeng face on my profile medals list.

i hate that fuckin face. now i have to play some games and get at least 10 medals to take that goddamn face off of my profile.

I really like this! I think you did an amazing job on this! *claps*

BUG: Giving Nene the tie before the board will not allow you to progress any further. Currently trying to give the board to her but it only prompts the "She looks pretty hurt" dialogue following the "what do I need?" dialogue.