Reviews for "Pico's School Reunion"

so it's not really a bug, but maybe it can improve ur game:
when nene's alright, and you've found a secret entrance before helping her, u can walk out, walk thru D and N wont follow you (i just assume she would) didnt think I had to talk to her twice (by exiting and entering the room) but yeah, its a point!

and to all the gamers out there, PULL DOWN ON LOCK (S key)

Always vote 5 on your productions.
That 8 bit feeling mixed with this leisure suit larry poin'n'click feeling.
You seems to be a good artists, and at least averager programmer.
I have the programming skills, but I wish I had the art ones...

Great game! Really enjoyed it! When will you bring out a sequel and are there prequels??

i loved it but i feel like you can do soo much more. You have me and i am happy to see what is next.

How do you pull down with the locker combination?