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Reviews for "Pico Sim Date <3"

Is the title screen a remix of Europe's The Final Countdown? (I know it is) Just that alone gives this game a 4.5. Great job!

this is great. hands down

where do you get the "CON" from?

i dont know if this is just happening to me, but sometimes the sound just cuts out.
other wise this game is AMAZING!!!! just a few bugs here and there, but that's about it!

I've loved Pico from the beginning and I just want to say that I absolutely can not wait for you to put this out fully. I agree with a lot of other people on the things you should add in such as the kissing and some sex, and also another way to lose points and not just when you go adventuring.
I also think it would be great if you had a few more buildings and of course another thing I saw one person post was having sort of an ending story for whoever you propose to.
That would be fantastic.
Otherwise I love you and everything that you do with this.
Best sim on NG I have ever played.

Ooo! P.S.
I think the idea of Pico getting some sort of punishment from any of the girls (since technically you can cheat on each by having them all as lovers) would be a nice addition.