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Reviews for "Picollage 2015"

I Bought the poster, and it never came :(

Sabtastic responds:

Any update on the poster not arriving? I'd shoot a message to the Sharkrobot guys if you haven't already: http://sharkrobot.com/pages/contact-us

I really have no authority to say anything because I only became aware of Newgrounds a couple year ago, and got an account mere days ago.
While technically not a game, I can't score it anything but a perfect score for the outstanding artwork. It makes me want to go all over Newgrounds to see all of it. I already know Dad'n'Me from a game called Chaos Faction 2, so that was pretty cool.
I give BIG kudos to the composer of the music. It sets the mood flawlessly.
It says a lot that I know nothing of the paintings (or the painters for that matter!), and I can still give it the highest praise possible.

The screen is black for me. :( Would've loved to see it and it is probably awesome!

i'm with jeehaun......i saw ed in there.........and i just stared............and..........i felt sad

Well This Turned out awesome !
Compilation of many awesome Different Character illustrations by EPIC ARTISTS !
Plus great arrangement !
3 cheers for NG , Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!