Reviews for "Apple Magician Girl"

The posture and shading is pretty nice. I assume the light scribbles in the background are from previous layers and the such?

Also, wasn't there a deck archtype revolving around the Dark Magician Girl and her variations?

bocodamondo responds:

yeah it is, i thought it would look neat ^^

yeah there is a magician girls only deck, but its not meta worth or anything.

i like the version about keeping the girls on the field while blocking the opponent from using spells via Secret Village of the Spellcasters

It looks astoundingly similar to shield knight. I had to look at both just to see what was different lol. Need to do this with shield knight now but with this ones original palette.

bocodamondo responds:

oh, hehe, well red and gold colors really do compliment each other

whoa, that's too sexy

Little Yugi boy just gets all the cute Magician girls, doesn't he?

The new magician girls from the movie don't get enough love

bocodamondo responds:

i love apple and chocolate's designs