Reviews for "Game of Thrones Toys!"

Flashgitz I've been a sub on YouTube for quite some time and just found your newgrounds. Like seriously how did this just happen? I've been coming on newgrounds for years but of course I've never seen your newgrounds page. Well honestly this was amazing and funny, good job again Flashgitz!

The animation was awesome! Of course, it's great satire. I don't watch "Game Of Thrones" but am at least somewhat familiar with it. Yes, I recall those "South Park" weiner jokes. This looked like it was animated by Happyharry. The voice is great too.

It was pretty short, but delivered its message so well. That is what would happen. There probably ARE toys of it somewhere. They made a freaking Freddy Kreuger toy! Best part was probably the abortion joke...wow, I'm morbid.

its nice and all but there seems to be a problem....I KEEP THROWING MONEY AT THE SCREEN AND NOTHING HAPPENS!!

Haha ! I need thoses toys really

Shut up and take my money