Reviews for "Words are Weapons"

That's a nice "rap hero" game! Congrats!

suVrik responds:

Haha, "rap hero", that's how we had to call this game. Thanks, man!


Pretty good game, i like the vibe it gives off. Been looking for the secret room for a while, could anyone possibly provide a hint?

I like the idea, the artwork, and the gameplay. I feel like the controls are tight and responsive, so I'm pretty sure any mishits are my fault! This is probably the real crux of the game, so I feel like this was a 48hr success.
I don't understand the life bar, though. If the computer never goes below a certain amount, which appears to be about 3/4 of the bar, why would you allow the player to make so many mistakes? If the bar were cut in half I think that would suffice.
A sequel involving hitting keys to the beat is definitely in order!

Fun and original game. I enjoy the dialogue and the music. I just wish the game was a bit longer.