Reviews for "Words are Weapons"

Ironically, "The Best Fighter" is the only one I beat first time.

Hmm, nice and simple. Felt a little repetitive, hope there was a little more worth and means to explore. Pixel art was nice, however whilst unique, the battle system felt a little repetitive. And felt disconnected from the music. If there was a little more order to it being a rhythm game it might've felt more fun, like if it was in time to the beat, like each icon representing a different sound in the tune. Each battle having a little different tune, resulting in a different pattern. Right now it's a watch and wait for a randomly timed little icon to press the button, which truthfully isn't really that fun, and doesn't make good use of it's genre. But quite good for a 48 hour Ludum Dare game. Would love to see it developed further.

I like the idea, the artwork, and the gameplay. I feel like the controls are tight and responsive, so I'm pretty sure any mishits are my fault! This is probably the real crux of the game, so I feel like this was a 48hr success.
I don't understand the life bar, though. If the computer never goes below a certain amount, which appears to be about 3/4 of the bar, why would you allow the player to make so many mistakes? If the bar were cut in half I think that would suffice.
A sequel involving hitting keys to the beat is definitely in order!

interesting fun little game I liked it :D

I'm sorry, but there was some glitch with this. I reloaded the page, but it never got back to where it was. Still, I could play a little bit of this. I was surprised at how hard this was. I guess it's been awhile since I've played a game like this. The artwork is quite good.

I just thought it would be so easy at first. It seemed like the computer always won. I will at least admit that it's a challenging game. We always need some of those. It isn't something I would recommend, but it isn't terrible either.