Reviews for "Words are Weapons"

Not a bad concept, but having actual raps would have made this a lot more fun and possibly a bit comedic. It was kinda boring, to be honest. Maybe also increase the difficulty as well, so long as the control scheme is improved.

Really fun shot game, thoroughly enjoyed it! Great work. Having a mare trying to find that secret room though?! Somebody hook a brother up? :)

some voice acting would be nice and from where i got there was only like 2 songs so some more variety wouldnt be a bad idea aswell its not bad just needs some touching up

The control scheme....is....more than a bit annoying it's the bottom of the keys which you normally don't use at all. Try using ASDF where your hands are A LOT more comfortable being placed vs zxcv which feels really off.

The music is good, The idea is quite solid as well, but the keys just make me go...well...not worth my time trying to do this. Fix the key situation and you got more along the lines of a 3.5-4 star game.

suVrik responds:

Hello, Kimiko99! Thank you very much for your response! I changed controls in the game. Now you can use ASDF or HJKL for fighting.

This game is addictive. Made me ragequit two or three times now, but I keep coming back. I guess I like the idea of a freestyle rap game. Guess I need to work on my finger coordination.