Reviews for "Munch Snatchers 2/2"

This was really good :D

Holy Shiznich, this was really good and funny. What kind of program did you use for animating this? Just Flash, or some other trickery? :D

ZoomToons responds:

It's actually all 3D, made with a combination of Maya, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.
Thanks for watching!

Great animation and pacing!

Awesome guys so funny ^^

Welp... I dont really mind that it took so long, you really did put alot of work into it huh?. It was great. a mighty fine ending. Violent somehow as usual :) now, you have more time creating more comics.

ZoomToons responds:

MUNCH episodes will never be this long again. It just took way too long to build / texture / rig all those little props, sets and characters. Glad you liked it though!

New eps should resume soon :)