Reviews for "Last MEOW"

great game but don't do loads of enimies on the firtst level otherwise 5 stars

sir on the radar a cat has kill all of our soldiers what do we do chief? "KILL THE CAT WITH A NUKE." sir yes sir! (5 hours later) OH NO MEGA CAT-TRON HAS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I love this game, reminds me of doodles I made in class... I have made a couple of games involving cats with mounted guns before, but guns firing cats? 2awesome5me. 4.5/5

there is a HUGE glitch...when you walk through the lvls enemies just randomly spawn and kill you.

FIchindo responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm working on that.
-edit: fixed!

Awesome game! The cats are adorable.