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Reviews for "Last MEOW"

great game but don't do loads of enimies on the firtst level otherwise 5 stars

sir on the radar a cat has kill all of our soldiers what do we do chief? "KILL THE CAT WITH A NUKE." sir yes sir! (5 hours later) OH NO MEGA CAT-TRON HAS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I love this game, reminds me of doodles I made in class... I have made a couple of games involving cats with mounted guns before, but guns firing cats? 2awesome5me. 4.5/5

Amazing concept, brilliant execution, solid performance, I could go on about what you did right but some things need improvement. Firstly, an enemy capable of covering ground quickly should be a bit less powerful than the rest. Secondly, the slow moving enemies should deal more damage than the standard enemies in order to punish players who let them catch up. Most importantly would be the issue of ammo boxes spawning where the enemies appear and not giving increased rewards, something harder to get should give better loot.

Despite those issues, like I said, this is a decent game. A few improvements here and there is all you need.

there is a HUGE glitch...when you walk through the lvls enemies just randomly spawn and kill you.

FIchindo responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm working on that.
-edit: fixed!