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Reviews for "Senet: Game of Pharaohs"

The CPU almost acts as if it controls the board... It got a chain of fours―twice! Luckily, I had a piece blocking its path, or else it might have won. The game should be balanced a bit (in my opinion) so that the chain can only go on up to, say, four, with an one or four turn causing a turn loss (as if the player had rolled a five). Otherwise from that, nice game!

This is a bit different from the real Senet-board I once played on (it had more squares, and I always thought every player had no choice but to use 7 pieces), but it's nonetheless an entertaining electronic version of one of mankind's oldest games.

The two-player mode is more fun (it's always more fun to play against a friend imo) but the singleplayer is ok, too. Like you wrote, the CPU is hard to beat, it's quite challenging, but manageable.
Maybe the younger NG-audience isn't too fond of classic boardgames.
I think you did a good job in coding/programming here!

Interesting, need to fix some bugs, I was about to win 5-0 but the cpu rolled 1 like 10 times

Got a bug on the two player mode, after 'blue' won, it kept sending me back to the 'blue' won screen whenever I hit the play again option.

Not bad, but the rules seem a little counter-intuitive. Just glad that the symbols at the bottom explained the properties of the marked tiles.

This game is okay for two players, but not fun at all against the computer.
The medals work, and I earned them all.