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Reviews for "Senet: Game of Pharaohs"

Got a bug on the two player mode, after 'blue' won, it kept sending me back to the 'blue' won screen whenever I hit the play again option.

Not bad, but the rules seem a little counter-intuitive. Just glad that the symbols at the bottom explained the properties of the marked tiles.

amazing "Roll a 5, lose a turn" simulator. Rolled over 30 in a row. ended up losing to some CPU...

Hacsev responds:

That's a bit of an exaggeration, now is it? The CPU is hard to beat, I'll give you that, especially if it's your first time playing and are not familiar with the rules. My best against the CPU has been 5 - 2, but I decided that was too hard to accomplish and changed the medal to 5-3. Well, better luck next time!