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Reviews for "An Apple A Day"

This game is really pretty, very well made, and has a really cute and funny inspiration. The only downside is that the pause function doesn't work.

Great fun, Alternative weapon of apples was cute. Thanks for putting the game out for us to play. Keep up the good work.

Pretty good, the controls are solid and the gameplay is nice, but I noticed that if you collect a lot of extra lives you can't lose, like you physically cannot end the game to submit your score, there either needs to be a button to end the game or a show of how many live you have, beyond the original three of course.

Cool game! I like the general idea of not liking the doctors, but the way you have to face the direction you are throwing is a bit annoying.

A game where you literally "keep the doctor('s) away" by pitching apples at them from an apple tree. Simple in design and controls, neat!!