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Reviews for "An Apple A Day"

Good fun!

Love the art, polished as always, Ajay. Having to avoid your own weapons made for an interesting and unexpected challenge. And the reflex hammers as tomahawks... brilliant :)

I realize this is an LD48 game, so I understand these things were probably due to time constants. However, a few observations. It would be great if the flying docs had some sort of battle cry as a warning. They often come from off screen and are a bitch to avoid. Would love to see the camera lead the hero more. The camera is especially tricky running left as it seems to be setup for more of a Mario style game where you'd run right most of the time and thus favor enemies coming from the left. Might be nice to for enemy spawns to make a small noise to announce themselves as well, could be funny or just a grumble. Just something to let you know there's a new enemy to smash. I found myself flinging apples off screen in hopes I'd hit someone.

Overall, I enjoy it quite a bit. For 48 hours you packed quite a bit of interesting stuff in here. Nice work.

same the replay button doesn't work need to refresh

OmarShehata responds:

Thanks for the heads up! Should be fixed now.

Nice work mate! But the replay button doesn't seem to work for me, the screen stays empty...

Appealing art and the controls feel smooth. Would love to see more apple weapon types and enemies. The flying surgeon is pretty silly. :)