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Reviews for "An Apple A Day"

Love this game. Great job on the mechanics and simple gameplay. Very addicting on getting better of killing doctors or tactics on attacks.

Cool game! I like the general idea of not liking the doctors, but the way you have to face the direction you are throwing is a bit annoying.

I played until 5555 and I decided to stop and wait for them kill me, I had accumulated some life playing, i waited for 5min more or less, then i got bored and i went to pee, then i get hungry and I prepared a sandwich, then i went here and he was still alive... then he died.

Pretty good, the controls are solid and the gameplay is nice, but I noticed that if you collect a lot of extra lives you can't lose, like you physically cannot end the game to submit your score, there either needs to be a button to end the game or a show of how many live you have, beyond the original three of course.

quite funny game. There is one issue with the life system. Either you allow more than 3 lifes and the presentation is heavily bugged or i got hit several times without getting killed (no lifes left displayed).