Reviews for "TheLighter"

these retro grafics
these ghosts
this game

HawkSandwich responds:

Ahaha thanks I'm glad you liked it XD

...After wandering around the labyrinth for a long time, I have found a keycard. I opened the door and came in. I used all my TNT on the robot. Then I started burning him with my lighter. Still died.
Pretty good game, reminded me of Quake. BTW, why do ghosts take 5 health from the player when they die? When they die, 5 health is always drained from my character. Is this intentional?

HawkSandwich responds:

I think your health being lost is purely coincidental. If you can manage to keep the right distance from them, they don't take your health when dying. Thanks for the high rating even though you were killed by the boss XD I realize so many people would have given it a low rating simply because they died.

Nice but could use a mapping system. Also needs some way to increase life

HawkSandwich responds:

Good idea, thanks for your response :3

Short, but cool.
I felt a little claustrophobic on that labyrinth. It's really weird and creepy with those ghosts coming at you. And that robot, I felt like I was in a horror movie.

HawkSandwich responds:

Aha thanks ^^ I'm glad to know the intended aesthetics kind of go through clearly. I also realized the map is a bit tight, I'll keep that in mind in my future games.

Interesting concept to be sure! Still, it needs to be fleshed out quite a bit more too.

The most frustrating bit was with the boss since he followed you at a faster pace than the ghosts and there wasn't really any clear enough way to tell when was the right time/distance to toss out one of your lovely boom-sticks. I ended up using all the sticks I got to beat him since at least half simply didn't hit him.

Also, I would have liked to see the lighter be used for something other than a glorified flamethrower, which is basically all it was used for in this case (aside from lighting the TNT of course). You could have used it at least once to open (or rather burn down) a door/obstacle or drop something on a baddie, just to give it a little more purpose within the game.

Overall though, I think this would make for a very interesting puzzle/fps fusion, and would love to see you develop it further. :)

HawkSandwich responds:

Yeah. After making the game and seeing another game use tnt, I realize now that I should have made them explode when they hit something instead of time-based. I wish I would have made that different. As for the lighter, I was actually going to do something with burning things down, but I decided not to for whatever reason :/ Again, that's something I kinda regret. Thanks for your review ^^