Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

This was good, could be better but the maze just killed it.. too much work for an unsatisfying end but everything is good none the less..so great job still and it's better than nothing I guess.

Right click works

My Friend Make Me Go To a Trip Of Playing A Lot Of Hentai or Eroge games, And This One Was On The List

Nicely done, but missing some important details.

Of those missing here they are...

1: She needs to moan and make some kind of noise during the fun stuff like when she's giving oral, and when she's working the shaft.

2: Needs selectable positions. That being, some guys like to watch her back as he finishes, some of us prefer to finish with her looking us in the eye. More positions like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, scissor, all would be acceptable options for the finale.

3: Options to cum inside or out. Honestly I prefer to cum inside, and watch her tremble from taking my hot seed inside in the nigh-helpless position of missionary. Some guys don't want to feel like he's impregnating a girl out of some fear.

Overall, I like it, it's almost perfect. It had a minor trip, but it's still great.

Thank the lord for a touchscreen laptop. You wouldn't think that one would forget they can use their screen instead of mouse pad. Thanks for answering the calls on the over sized breast, that is very civilized of you.