Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

"I want to do a mouse-maze!" said no one ever. It has nothing to do with the plot in context, either. Just, "here, do a maze, then get to see sex." Better, she wears a ridiculous number of articles of clothing. (Two pairs of underwear?) That's even extra pointless because she keeps putting on the cloths again during the sex scenes.

Bug: Stops responding after taking off all clothes except for the underwear. No, I'm not going to attempt to reproduce it to find what specific circumstances it bugs out on for the following reason:

I'm sure the sex scenes were on par with the last several games and all... but the mazes were worse than the click-random-body-parts-and-see-if-she-frowns-or-smiles minigames that annoy us so much.

That includes using the right-click twice, go straight to heart trick.

I get that sex is hard to turn into a game. I get that games can be distilled down to struggle/reward... but mouse mazes aren't struggles, they're tedium. Throw in a game-stopping bug and it really isn't worth it to try to finish the game, especially when the last several dozen games released in this franchise are nothing but the same re-treaded animations of oversize boobs moving statically on rails.

And seriously, what's the point of multiple choice conversation options if they make no difference in the game what-so-ever, except a little bit of looping dialog? Save yourself some time writing the games and either drop the multiple choice or make it an actual functional part of the game.

Perhaps you could take a hint from your old best games like Lavindor Kingdom, where sex was a byproduct of the questing, rather than the singular goal that required a minigame to get to. Maybe turn it into an RPG where the character ha to level up somehow...

But above all, stop just phoning these things in.

Have a star and a half. There was some obvious work done in drawing and animating this thing, even if there was no work done in making a game that people actually want to play.

Okay, I get that you need to TRY to earn the sex scene, but there's like 10 rounds of the mouse-maze, which in my opinion is overkill. It's bad enough you need to remove stockings and gloves 1 at a time, but the breast and crotch regions are 3 each. It doesn't even make sense to remove the gloves and stockings in the first place if she's just going to put them back on before fucking you. Also, it's been years and this generic ass music is still being recycled. For the love of porn, change it already.

you used to do good games, now there all just...... bad

id like 1 good game a year over theses half done sloped out game every month or so

Maze game does not have an end. No matter what order you do, there will always be 2 pieces of clothes remaining.