Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

VadimGoD, TBH i miss the days when your games didnt require much skill. i enjoyed your early games where you just picked the multi choice speaking options, i liked how i could get to the best part quickly without much effort. i hope you take this into consideration with the next game you make

The game was meh...

Easy way to complete the maze: right click, move mouse to the end of maze, left click, profit!

The game is missing the last 2 mazes, you can't take off all her clothes because when there are only 2 pieces left the next maze doesn't appear. Also to cheat past the maze put your mouse over the start then right click and click on the end of the maze.

"I want to do a mouse-maze!" said no one ever. It has nothing to do with the plot in context, either. Just, "here, do a maze, then get to see sex." Better, she wears a ridiculous number of articles of clothing. (Two pairs of underwear?) That's even extra pointless because she keeps putting on the cloths again during the sex scenes.

Was soso. Quite well made. Loops mostly well, but some parts loops really badly, like the nipples to a degree during the vaginal. Atop that, the vulva is really flat tbh. Granted most are n porn, but still. Some parts just looks really sloppy. And I know it's mostly just "porn half-assing", but still.

Was soso. I guess if just aiming for a haphazard, bland one sided generic porn game. It does that quite well. Granted that it's silent, but tbh, prefer that myself over the pointless, unreal sounds most throw in. The cheesy porno loop is still there, but eh xD It's always the same game anyhow. Selfsish guy meets girl without self-regard, cue sex xP