Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

You can actually cheat with touch screen... (press start and press heart without doing the maze stuff) But average all around game...

You expect maybe a striptease, possiblly cocktease,and what do you get? ...... a mazetease!

It's a new twist, not bad. Half star bonus for not HAVING to do anal .....

The thing that's not so good (for me at least) is not the mazes, or the overdressing of the girl, as others have complained, but the overconcentration of the creativity in making the game on the maze activity.

Meaning, the drawing quality of the sex scenes (and of the overnight girlfriend's body) is a bit weak, and more basic-cartoony than you had hoped from the first sight of her.

It might be good if there was some story conclusion post-insemination, but that's often the case, I suppose. He shoots, he scores, it's over in a flash. (She could at least have a smiling cumspattered face ... but a touch of class would be, say, for her to ask if the guy could please stay for a week, or marry her, or something else to cause a bit of a laugh and "round out" the game.)

To make a bit more of the game otherwise, it might be fun if the guy was given a face or character or name .... and since the mazes are of the traditional "guide the loop successfully around the metal shape without touching it" type, you could say, have his balls connected up, and he gets a 20V shock administered if/whenever he hits an edge of the maze. ;) If she want him to play a set of maze games with her, you might as well make him stake something .... S/M style ....

Would be nice if the mazes told a coherent tale too. Such as spelling out the words S H A G F E S T letter by letter.

You could also place pictures of her in sex scenes with other guests at points around the mazes, as a distraction .... ;)

Okay, the main thing is she is a bit too 2-dimensional, after all that freakin' intricate maze work.

The game was meh...

Easy way to complete the maze: right click, move mouse to the end of maze, left click, profit!

The game is missing the last 2 mazes, you can't take off all her clothes because when there are only 2 pieces left the next maze doesn't appear. Also to cheat past the maze put your mouse over the start then right click and click on the end of the maze.

ok minigames are bad