Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

Okay game but one thing that. If Stripping is a Puzzle Mechanic of the game to Strip in order correctly to progress the game then I'm okay. But if it's a glitch please fix that. 3 Stars because of this "stripping" issue

When you're doing those mazes the Inn Worker's hair looked shorter but when you're actually fucking her up her hair looks a lot longer. Plus this is still a good game 05/05*'s :)

It's definitely one of the better works you've put out in recent memory.
The maze game is a little bit frustrating.
Aside from that, the animations were good and the dialogue was okay.
Not as interesting as some of your very earliest work, especially in the gameplay department.
It's definitely an improvement over what you've been putting out in the past couple of years.

Game doesn't work if you choose the clothing in the wrong order. Nothing innovative or exciting, and choices simply tell you to pick the correct one.
(For people: corset, belt, corset, shorts, panties, necklace, right glove, left glove, right stocking, left stocking)

I like the style of the art in this one, the animations are definitely decent, the maze mini game was fun. Story was better than I have seen from a Vadim game in a while. I would have given 5 stars but the scene where the adventurer takes the barmaid from behind just doesn't look right; he's supposed to be pulling her hair, but her hair looks totally limp and not right for the pose.