Reviews for "Sweet Inn"

Okay game, but heres how to win mazes: Right click, hover over to heart, win.

The reason im giving this rating is because the maze were such a mood kill and then there was a bug so after i did all the maze puzzles the game just stopped with her being nude and nothing happening

"I want to do a mouse-maze!" said no one ever. It has nothing to do with the plot in context, either. Just, "here, do a maze, then get to see sex." Better, she wears a ridiculous number of articles of clothing. (Two pairs of underwear?) That's even extra pointless because she keeps putting on the cloths again during the sex scenes.

This was good, could be better but the maze just killed it.. too much work for an unsatisfying end but everything is good none the less..so great job still and it's better than nothing I guess.

Okay, I get that you need to TRY to earn the sex scene, but there's like 10 rounds of the mouse-maze, which in my opinion is overkill. It's bad enough you need to remove stockings and gloves 1 at a time, but the breast and crotch regions are 3 each. It doesn't even make sense to remove the gloves and stockings in the first place if she's just going to put them back on before fucking you. Also, it's been years and this generic ass music is still being recycled. For the love of porn, change it already.