Reviews for "Word Play"

Felt uninspired for one of your games, it wasn't even that great, just average.
Cool art as always.
The game screen doesn't seem to be correctly adjusted, by the way; the bottom and right parts of the screen were pitch black instead of blending in with the game background.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for play and report the screen, the game is 640x480 but it looks cut when i play it, so i made it bigger, now is normal , tell me if it looks ok this time.

T is not the 25th letter...
Apart from that, less inspired than your other games, but still cool to play.

Munguia responds:

you are right, thanks, medall is fixed to 20th letter man, :)

It was a bit too easy, and you get medals for just playing the game. This I find strange, they are easy achievements. They should be achieved out of greatness, or because you did something out of the ordinairy, for which you are then rewarded.
Consider raising the first song, only a small group of audiophiles will be able to hear those frequencies clearly.
Overall I found the music entertaining, and the art was pretty good.

This was an okay idea, but I did not like the execution. Dragging the letters to the spots was awkward and sometimes the letter would activate a bomb while dragging it to the correct spot. There should be a way to click the letter you select and have it go directly to the spot. No fuss, no muss.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

I like the graphics and the word layout. It is a simple game with little imagination though.