Reviews for "Word Play"

I noticed a couple minor problems. One is this; I passed "secret shooter" and then failed the next level. So, i'm pressing the play button to pass the levels that I've already completed (which really should be listed in the instructions) and was forced re-solve "secret shooter". The other thing is on the "waist cops". Only one specific "T" would fit into the second word. I think it was the "T" on the right that fit. The other one wouldn't register. Otherwise, you did good job.

I did think this was a little too easy, but it's still a good game! It's mostly because, well, you can easily get medals. I still appreciate the drawings. It was just a cute game. It was fun to see all these different pictures. Your other games are better, though.

The music was quite nice too. It was a little something different from you. It did get more complicated with that bomb stuff. Not too memorable, but still good. I could figure out most of them at least.

Came across a huge glitch. The words were already spelt out. Just had to drag the letters down. Didn't have to guess at all

I loved the dragon balls pun i couldn't stop laughing, this game is the best

Fun game, great art, though I will say most of these weren't 'puns'. Still a good little game though, thanks for sharing :) xxx