Reviews for "Word Play"

Felt uninspired for one of your games, it wasn't even that great, just average.
Cool art as always.
The game screen doesn't seem to be correctly adjusted, by the way; the bottom and right parts of the screen were pitch black instead of blending in with the game background.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for play and report the screen, the game is 640x480 but it looks cut when i play it, so i made it bigger, now is normal , tell me if it looks ok this time.

I noticed a couple minor problems. One is this; I passed "secret shooter" and then failed the next level. So, i'm pressing the play button to pass the levels that I've already completed (which really should be listed in the instructions) and was forced re-solve "secret shooter". The other thing is on the "waist cops". Only one specific "T" would fit into the second word. I think it was the "T" on the right that fit. The other one wouldn't register. Otherwise, you did good job.

Great puns, accessible controls, and stellar art as always. My favorites were the "mad sticky" and "25th letter man" puns. I thought it was a great touch in that you made the medal titles synonymous with the actual puns--that is very detailed.

Thanks for all the great stuff Munguia!

Easy game for easy medals. No reason it shouldn't pass, good job.