Reviews for "Word Play"

simple and cool game... I was somehow greatly amused by the way other letter boxes gets pushed around when I hold a single letter ramming left and right...

One question though, what is the music used in the last few levels? I could not found it from your audio submissions, nor is it listed at the credits section...

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play Levincoolxyz, most of the times i do the music too as DJ PULP, this time i re used some old track i made time ago, now i just listed on credits sections, if you want to hear some other tracks check this https://soundcloud.com/mungu-a-s-dj-pulp

Can u do my ideas?
In a bed ( The last Supper )
Mud ( mona Lisa )

Simple is Good. Could have been Higher Resolution to be better displayed here on NG.

Imnot really a fan of word games, but your game is quite interesting to play cause of all those pictures you put its hilarious XD

making again ! 50 puzzle per game
too easy...
but don't easily making spoiler
making them think and use their skill!!