Reviews for "Word Play"

Came across a huge glitch. The words were already spelt out. Just had to drag the letters down. Didn't have to guess at all

This was an okay idea, but I did not like the execution. Dragging the letters to the spots was awkward and sometimes the letter would activate a bomb while dragging it to the correct spot. There should be a way to click the letter you select and have it go directly to the spot. No fuss, no muss.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

I like the graphics and the word layout. It is a simple game with little imagination though.

I'd have to say that the game wasn't bad, but also wasn't the best game that I've played so far.
Firstly as has been stated before, the puns were a bit cheesy, as well as lazy. It seemed like you started off making the game and were excited and just got bored less than halfway through.
Second the art wasn't bad but it could have definitely been a bit better.
Lastly, the Boxes were pretty annoying, it felt like I was spending the most time in the game trying to get the letters to register when I placed them into the spots.

On the other side it's not a bad concept, and has enough potential to be made a series of games, and if you try to work on the areas stated above, and supplied by the other reviewers, you can probably do a lot better.

Munguia responds:

The drawings were made between 2009-2010, for up comming editions drawings are already made in 2015 will show
Thanks for comment, try to play other games from my gallery, not all are as QUICK PLAY as this one.