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Reviews for "Luigi's Crazy Mansion"

Hot dang, every single portrait ghost and styled and emotive to boot.

Colors pop against the pitch black background, got a nice grain on them for some good texture, and each character feels like they got individual care.

Lovely work!

Such a massive wealth of characters to soak in for this piece!! I adore the really unique renditions for each character complemented by your color/linework style that feels really traditional, I wish I had a print of this to appreciate just how much is going on in this fun tribute. Glad you made it in time for halloween cause it's themed terrifically

Honestly i love this paper like aesthetic, the coloring, the style, it's just... amazing
You really did a great job incorporating all of the ghosts, from Lugi's Mansion to SM64, To sunshine and SMB3, just... amazing, i lovet


I would love a print of this.

Great work!! Love the different style of boos, the personality on all the portrait ghosts, and the boo on boolosus's tongue was a nice touch.

Happy Halloween!!

AMAZING! my favorite game!