Reviews for "Markiplier FNAF 3"

That was really scary, can't stand puppets, great animation, good story, 10/10

skylegend01 responds:

Thank you!

That was AMAZING! You'r really good at animating!i, i find it hard to actually describ this. just... WESOME! :D

This is a full 5 stars for me! Great animation work! Great desinging! I love that you implanted the Fan-Made Mark animatronic or the Man animatronic design! Also great job on the camera system! Making every hallway how it also is in FNAF 3 is a small but amazingly good detail! And as i'm a big fan of Mark myself, i loved everything about it! Keep up the good work man!

Judging from the text introduction at the begining, you were making it seem like it's your first cartoon project. To which later in the video I was thinking, "Nah, this is way too polished to be made by a first timer"

A quick check of your upload history confirmed my suspicion, but that doesn't in any way take away from how well made this was. My bit of criticism is there were some bits where you had the tension building quite right, and others where you left it winding for too long. Essentially, don't let some clips drag on for too long after you've established the required information to your audience.

woah...that was good.....really good. Great jobs.