Reviews for "Markiplier FNAF 3"

The animation is cool, but did it rly had to be FNAF? I just dont get all that hype going on about screamer furry game.

This was AWESOME! I don't even know where to begin! I rarely ever write reviews but I had to for this. Animation quality is excellent, the sound engineering is unbelievable, and you made such good use of sound clips along with such a creepy plot! I hope Mark sees this and puts it up on his channel because you deserve some recognition. Well done!

Tha heck XD
Well... It's nice, but why you drawed a big nose? ._.

Well done! I liked the storytwist, and I'm sure Mark'll appreciate this ^^ Keep going, I think you're going to make it with these kind of animations.

The animation was good, the voice had energy but the story was lacking.
This could be cut down to a couple of minutes and used as a nightmare or bad acid trip for the character, but 5 minutes of this was boring with no pay off.

You have skills, but I recommend you collaborate with a better story writer.