Reviews for "Markiplier FNAF 3"

Awesome man, nice and dark, but still with light cartoony character design. :D You must love Gravity Falls, I can see a lot of it in this. Keep it up man

That eerie atmosphere builds up pretty well! And stays that way all til the ending scream, but jumpscare loudness kinda ruins that moment for me. Very nice work with the glowing eyes and glows in general, plenty of color in the dark. Keep it going!


i loved every thing besides spring trap not being torn up enough and the fact that his foot steps sounded like he had shoes on, his foot steps should sound like metal clacking on the floor or weird goopy sloshy sounds because he has organs tied around his feet.

besides that, i was terrified near the ending and the animation was amazing. keep up the good work

spring traps supposed to be more jacked up ya Know? sorry I don't mean offensively but just saying BUT AWESOME VIDEO

Really awesome animation. A few beats went a bit slow and I've heard a lot of that music before, but the backgrounds and style was fantastic! Great work