Reviews for "Kill the Plumber"

mmm bruh i like the game

keybol responds:

hey bro, thank you!

Fantastic spin on the Mario games (without mentioning Mario, but it's obvious)

Just slowly working towards the kill 100 plumbers medal now

I think there might be something up with the medal system.

I've unlocked Perfectionist, but have yet to unlock Lost Levels-- I should have every one except for maybe 100 Lives Lost, but I only have Another Castle, Perfectionist, and Completionist.

Otherwise, great game! Great premise, good controls, challenging enough for great satisfaction upon beating it, all around good stuff!

10/10 keep it up!

keybol responds:

thanks. it's a mistake how I put the newgrounds api codes.
EDIT: I found the source, it used to be 70 stars to unlock the lost levels. Fixed now.
Also added a bunch of updates as well.

Very, VERYYY, frustrating game. But, I haven't played a game with this type of gameplay before, and I find it unique, plus the graphics, sounds, and music are appealing :)

You need skill to play this game.
I don't have skill.