Reviews for "Kill the Plumber"

Please some won make an art about Epicminion

dem lost levels though ... need a lot of good timing and reflex :c Love the challenging parts :D plz fix the achievement sound bug plz

The game itself is fine but the achievements cause a sound glitch which doesn't go away. That should really get fixed.

We are the Goombas. For too long, we have been killed by that monster Mario. Today, you are given the chance to end his reign of terror. In other words, KILL THAT MOTHERF*CKER

Am I the only one who has this utterly annoying achievement unlock sound glitch every time I fail to complete a level or get an achievement?! Complete destroys the game experience, I tried everything to get rid of that, but it seems that it can't be fixed.

Other than that, really cool and fun game, I'll give it 4,5 stars just because of the sound glitch.