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Reviews for "Wacky Pirate"

In this Game, you have at start 4 bombs. They go on when you click on it. You must try to hit the ships, but you can't hit pirate ships. The ships swim from left to right over the screen. When you hit a normal ship, you get money, when you hit a pirate ship, you lose money. There are rainbow coins too. Click them 5 times and you will get much money. Sometimes there are ice bergs. When ships hit the ice bergs, they will sink and you will get money too. With the money you can buy upgrades.

It's fun, and it's a bit tricky to hit the ships. You need a bit multitasking ability to click the rainbow coins, click the bombs at the right time and destroy ice bergs for pirate ships.

It's a good idea for a game!

I really liked the "multi-tasking" on the game , the animation and voices are funny and BY GOD HE HAS A SHARK FOR A PET! , therefore he really deserves the name "Cabra Macho" haha

Kind of the same thing over and over again. It's cool that there are so many different kinds of items, but the levels should probably advance on their own too. And let the players know what new items wait for them without having to buy the old items to see.

Great game for time-wasting, personally I like it. The only minor thing I could add is some achievements do not unlock properly.

This is an interesting version of a defense game with quite a humorous(and true) story.It really challenges players' precision and alertness with quite a number of events happening at any one time in the game,the bonus coin appearing and sinking the correct ships.While there are no levels here which means more money can be earned with each replay,it can get a little repetitive after a while as upgrades get more expensive which means more replaying but it isn't so bad as there's some randomizing going on here,sometimes there's more icebergs or pirate ships appearing than other times,so the challenge doesn't really tire out thankfully.Maybe there could be some air units like helicopters and planes to shoot down,but that would mean the story has to change.Anyway,this game would be engaging enough to kill some time and also to get some loot,ahem,medals,so kudos to the creator/s for making this!