Reviews for "Matando Robôs Gigantes"

Solid game! I definitely enjoyed it, it reminds me of the classic Megaman games from back in the day, which was clearly your inspiration for this. I liked the idea of switching between multiple characters on the fly. I didn't find much use for the money, though, seems like there isn't a lot of things you can use it for that you really feel incentive to do. As for language, my knowledge OF Spanish not withstanding, I think it really harsh people would criticize the game due to a different language. Yeah, it would be convenient it be in English, but it's incredibly ignorant to say "No, you can only make games in MY language! Change it!"

That's all beside the point, though, This game functions well, the controls aren't as unintuitive as some might say, and the music feels remarkably retro. This is a new-age game that definitely knows how to do it old-school.

Just foocking amazing! This game has evrething that an old game, had, an this is great! 10/10 would play again.

couple of things if you can even read this...

1) since this is an american website you should have made it in English
2) the controls are terrible, you should have designed the layout better, meaning don't have the shoot button(P) and the jump button(space)in this situation if the up arrow was the jump button then there wouldn't be a problem with the controls.

mude as configuraçoes pular com barra de espaço nesse jogo nao da é desconfotavel e muitas vezes morri por achar que o W pula

Bom saber que tem mais um BR mandando a ver aqui