Reviews for "Writer Man 2"

great game. It is like what you do to make a book but not feel like you are

Huge improvement! There is much more challenge and reward in this game. Though it is still click and wait, it's a lot more strategy than the previous game. I really enjoyed this one.

Your improvement from the first Writer Man to this one is phenomenal! I enjoyed it a lot, I am in love with the various additions made to this. This one provided more of a challenge I wanted to overcome. Good job with this game!

Its not bad, but if you could make it more interctive an a bit less boring it can be a great point-n-click

Cool! You really improved! This game is really funny and the events are nice variegation! But it sometimes stops giving me money after few weeks - not sure if bug or if it is intentional

FIL1994 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You are supposed to stop getting money after a certain amount of weeks (I forget exactly how many).