Reviews for "Egg collector"

Very simple game. It was functional and that is I all can really say about it.

Eggtastic Game xD

Got just above 50 eggs on the first run. :) Fun little game, though there's one more thing that'd make it so much better: highscores. The ability to compete with others. Which seems to be the right thing to do with a game like this! Seems to be very luck-based too, and more so with the large game area where you sometimes have to run back and forth from edge to edge to get the eggs, a somehow more co-ordinated collecting approach might be nice, maybe where eggs appear within a set radius from the last one, so they're never in a corner of a screen unless you're near that corner? Also, was wondering what that brown-circle thing was, if it was an obstacle or not, doesn't feel as natural a part of the background and everything else. Looks; plays great otherwise. Keep it going!


Wow this is awesome! Good Job deva1998!

why is this game all about getting all the eggs. i'd rather play fighting game than this .... but its alright game. not being harsh about it .... or maybe